Technical audit

The tasks of optimizing and reducing project costs cannot be solved without a comprehensive assessment of the current state of an existing enterprise or the documentation being developed during the design period of the facility. For this, companies conduct a technical audit, thereby significantly reducing their own operating costs or, in the case of designing a new production, initially optimizing capital costs.

The LKM-project engineering company carries out technical audit in the following main areas:

SERVICESAssessment of the land plot for suitability for construction;

SERVICESAssessment of the land plot in terms of the availability and sufficiency of engineering networks and communications;

SERVICESAnalysis of the technological state of the facility, the state of the main technological and auxiliary equipment;

SERVICESInternal and warehouse logistics audit;

SERVICESEnvironmental audit of the enterprise;

SERVICESEnergy efficiency assessment of the enterprise;

SERVICESAssessment of the conformity of design documentation to legal requirements, as well as its completeness and sufficiency;

SERVICESSelection of equipment necessary for the planned technological process;

SERVICESAssessment of the technical condition of the enterprise in the complex and bottlenecks in particular;

SERVICESAssessment of the need for repair, modernization or replacement of equipment.



The main activity of the LKM-Project Engineering Company is the design of industrial enterprises of the paint and varnish industry, factories for the production of lubricants and auto chemistry, enterprises of the oil and fat and pharmaceutical industries, factories of household and agricultural chemistry, renewable energy sources and waste processing plants. Our team of design engineers develops all the necessary volume of documentation: Pre-design and Design documentation, Working documentation, Executive documentation. If it is impossible to comply with the requirements of Federal Laws of the Russian Federation and regulatory documents, we develop and agree on Special Technical Conditions, and, if necessary, special sections of the documentation.

Our design institute employs specialized engineers to develop all sections of the Design documentation, including:

SERVICESSection 1. Explanatory note

SERVICESSection 2. Scheme of the land plot layout

SERVICESSection 3. Architectural solutions

SERVICESSection 4. Constructive and space-planning solutions

SERVICESSection 5. Information about engineering equipment, networks of engineering and technical support, a list of engineering and technical measures, the content of technological solutions

– Subsection 1. Power supply system
– Subsection 2. Water supply system
– Subsection 3. Drainage system
– Subsection 4. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks
– Subsection 5. Communication networks
– Subsection 6. Gas supply system
– Subsection 7. Technological solutions


Section 6. Construction planning design


Section 7. Plan of organization of works on demolition or dismantling of capital construction objects


Section 8. List of measures for environmental protection


Section 9. Measures to ensure fire safety


Section 10. Measures to ensure access for persons with disabilities

– 1. Measures to ensure compliance with energy efficiency requirements and requirements for equipping buildings, structures and constructions with metering devices for the energy resources used


Section 11. Estimates for the construction of capital construction projects


Section 12. Other documentation in cases stipulated by federal laws

Design experience of our engineers, combined with modern technical equipment, allows us to issue documentation on time. Our company uses only licensed software, monitors updates to software systems, monitors the release of specialized programs.

The quality of our team’s work is confirmed by dozens of successfully implemented projects in various industries and positive feedback from our customers.


3D modeling

Modern engineering requirements imposed by Customers keeping pace with progress imply the need for a designer to apply 3D design methods. The development of 3D CAD models is essential to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach across all areas of engineering design. The engineering company LKM-project actively implements 3D modeling in its work. 3D modeling is carried out by our employees in the AutoCAD Plant 3D and Autodesk Revit environment, which allows you to fully model the designed object.

To achieve the desired results, the development and optimization of the 3D model is based on process flow diagrams, regulatory requirements, health, safety and environmental requirements, equipment list and other standard requirements. Drawing output directly from the 3D model is carried out by our engineers with minimal additional manual revision, except for annotation, if required.

Main goal achieved by the company when working with a 3D model is:

SERVICESProviding the Customer with a 3D model of the future production, which will subsequently facilitate the operation of the Object built on the 3D model;

SERVICESReducing design and manufacturing costs, reducing operating costs;

SERVICESImproving the quality and technical and economic level of design results;

SERVICESImproving the efficiency of engineers;

SERVICESReducing the complexity of design and planning;

SERVICESReducing design time;

SERVICESReducing the cost of full-scale modeling and testing.


Expert examination support

Engineering company LKM-project LLC provides services to support the passage of the expert examination (RF State Expert Evaluation Department (Glavgosexpertiza), State expert assessment department and commercial examination) of Design documentation, developed by our company, with a guarantee of obtaining a positive opinion. During its work, our institute has gained extensive experience in obtaining positive expert opinions on design documentation and the results of engineering surveys, “downgrading” the level of state expertise from the jurisdiction of Glavgosexpertiza to the level of the State Expertise of a constituent entity of the Federation, passing the State expertise of design documentation with the submission of documentation in electronic form.

Our team underwent examination at St. Petersburg State Examination Center “Center for State Expertise” and State Autonomous Institution of the Moscow Region “Mosoblgosexpertiza”, at the Autonomous Institution “Department of State Expertise of Kaluga Region Projects” and in the non-state examination “PromMashTest”, passed the Glavgosexpertiza of the design documentation in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Glavgosexpertiza in Moscow (technical consultations, clarification of jurisdiction) with the submission of documentation in electronic form.


Designer supervision

The purpose of designer supervision in construction is to exclude unreasonable deviations from the requirements of design, working and estimate documentation. This is a guarantee that the construction object will be put into operation, and its characteristics will correspond to the investment concept and developed Design documentation, for which a positive expert opinion was received.

The engineering company LKM-project carries out designer supervision, which consists of the following stages:

SERVICESVisits of specialists to the object to control the compliance of the work performed with the developed documentation.

SERVICESSupervision over the author’s implementation of the agreed project.

SERVICESConsulting the General Contractor and the Customer’s representatives.

SERVICESParticipation in key meetings at the construction site.

SERVICESCorrection of drawings upon construction, solution of issues related to unforeseen changes during construction.

SERVICESKeeping a designer’s supervision journal.

Our designer supervision engineers are mobile and monitor compliance with the requirements of the Design Documentation during the construction of the Facility.

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